MRI scanner

An Agilent 7/310 (7.0Tesla, 310mm bore) (Walnut Creek, CA) NMR/MRI scanner is housed adjacent to the FMRI laboratory.  This system is actively shielded, cryo-cooled and offers a 4-channel, phased array for reception and an additional modular transmitter channel for up to a four transmit channels.


Three gradient inserts are available with the following specifications :

Inner Diameter (mm)Strength mT/m

RF probes

A wide array RF coils are available to the users for both Proton and Phosphorus imaging.  These include three bird cage design quadrature coils, a millipede coil, three mult-band surface coils.  Two SwiftLite animal holders are available for mice and rat imaging.

Coil NameID (mm)OD (mm)Description
Morris 8080205300 MHz, Quadrature
Morris 60 (x2)60300 MHz, Quadrature
Morris 40 (x2)40300 MHz, Quadrature
Quad 140140184300 MHz,  Quadrature
Rat coil 7070205300 MHz,  Quadrature
Millipede40115300 MHz, Quadrature.  “millipede” design
Proton Surface2020Tunable, broadband: 175 MHz  –  343 MHz
Sodium Surface2020Tunable, broadband: 28 MHz  –  65 MHz
Low band2020Tunable, broadband: 54 MHz  –  131 MHz
Rapid Rat head array  300MHz, 4-channel surface array

Physiological Monitoring

MRI compatible Animal physiological monitoring (plethysmography, temperature) from SA instruments is available to users.

Surgery and Anesthesia

The control room to the scanner is also outfitted with a surgical table, sink, isoflurane vaporizer, mechanical ventilator, physiological monitoring, animal holders, an animal heater.


Two high-performance Linux servers are available for reconstruction and archival. Two Linux workstations are available for data processing.  Software packages include gcc, g++, MATLAB.